Tropical plants and orchids online
A wide range of Cattleyas , Dendrobiums, Masdevallias and many more


About Us

We are a small family business,producing unusual and interesting tropical,

subtropical and spice plants and a wide range of orchids can be purchased online.We provide full instructions on growing and free consultation


Tropical, spice plants and orchids in pots for your home online

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Our Plants
Courses & Workshops

You can easily look at our plants online.

Here is the list of plants we grow,

Just go to he Plants menu at the top and have a look at them. If you are interested in any of them, just go to Shop menu and purchase items.




Edible tropical  plants  and spices

Tropical herbs  and other plants

Subtropical plants




gardening tools

Gardening courses


Apart from selling plants we provide gardening courses and workshops. The courses run in Essex but the workshops can be booked and we will come out. It can be on subjects like propagating, herbs, pruning and general gardening. For more details please contact us.

tropical plants

Tropical plants/herb talks


 We also provide talks to the public on the following subjects: History and growing of tropical plants with slides, Herbs in general and Propagating of plants. For more details please contact us


Call: 07875035181

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