Tropical plants, spices, herbs

There are a wide range of tropical plants you can choose from.

We grow edible, spice and medicinal tropical plants alongside subtropical and unusual plants,even orchids.

Edible tropical plants and spices

There are so many edible tropical plants you can grow at home easily and even treat family members and friends with them as presents. Some of these plants would produce fruits such as passion fruits, finger lime, cheriomoya whilst others would be great in cooking to spice up your dish like:ginger,carob, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise etc. See our selection!


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Tropical herbs and
other plants

There are lots of nice and interesting plants available that can be grown indoor. They are great addition to conservatories such as Strelitzia, Jacaranda or even Tree fern.

We also grow some unusual tropical herbs too like Ashwgadha, Aztec sweet herb or Gotu kola.

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