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Spicesotic plants is a small family business based in Essex. Our passion for plants has been a lifelong experience. Being trained horticulturists, we have the knowledge and expertise in growing herbs, fruits and vegetables, and now tropical plants and orchids. But we have always been very interested in new plants and species, learning about them and share with others what we discovered. Travelling is another great passion we have and where ever we go we find new and interesting plants that we add to our selection. Over the years we have added more and more orchids which become the main feature of the business

Bird of paradise

The plants we grow 


Most of our tropical plants we grow come from seeds or cuttings produced by us. As these tropical plants start their lives in the UK we think that growing them in this climate give them a better chance to get used to the indoor and outdoor environment much better. So the plants can do well in people's houses/conservatories as they already have been grown in this climate. Most of the plants will not tolerate cold winter or frost so they best being kept indoor all year around.

Orchids have change our lives, from growing a few species , our collection has grown to almost 1200 different varieties. All our plants are imported officially and with correct CITES and Phyto, from Tailand, Taiwan, Ecuador and Europe.

Our mission is to introduce as many unusual and interesting plants as possible to the public, learning about them as we go along too and pass on our experience.


Our Vision

We love our plants and take care of them with our best ability. They will always  be healthy and  look exactly how they were described. Any plants purchased from us are carefully wrapped up and boxed, so they look perfect on arrival. We provide full instructions on growing (if required) and will be here for you for free consultation at all  times.




Customer Comments

''Arrived beautiful packaged two days after paying for it in great condition- I’m just waiting for SIX pendulum flower spikes to open (any day now) I must have bought 30 orchids from Spicesotic & every single plant is thriving - I can only thank this company for providing such a diverse range of orchids, that’s almost impossible to find with other companies in the UK - thanks Spicesotic x''


​"Very happy with the plant,looking forward to future purchases".

                                                                                               Reddragon race


"Good size healthy plant, well wraped to survive crushed box on delivery!"

                                                                                               Sand Queen


"My plant arrived this afternoon. Thank you so much. I am very pleased with it .I am looking forward to buying more exotics from you in the future."



"Very nice and healthy plant, quick shipping.Thank you very much."



"I recently purchased 2 small, very delicate orchids, they arrived on time and cleverly packed in perfect condition. When I needed expert advice on their care, I was rewarded with prompt, friendly and detailed instruction. A pleasure to do business with you."    Gerry

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